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Air Compressor
Use only the cigarette lighter outlet to power the Porsche tire air compressor. Plugging it into the 12v outlet will blow the fuse.

Battery & Jump Starting
The battery is in the front compartment which can only be opened electrically. If the battery is discharged the procedures in the Owners’ Manual “Emergency unlocking of the front compartment lid” will be required to open the lid. A donor battery will be needed.

Battery Maintenance
If the car is not driven regularly enough to keep the battery charged, a battery maintainer should be used to prevent discharging.

Brake Noise / Sticking Brakes
Brake pads may become stuck to the rotors if the car is left overnight when they are wet from washing or weather. Scraping noises may be heard the first few times the brakes are used. This is normal and is the sound of rust be scrubbed off the rotors. It can be avoided by drying the pads by driving before putting the car away for the night.

The factory fog light bulbs are H11 (manual says H8) and an H6W (manual says W5W)for the "driving light" or "parking light".

Cup Holders
The cup holders can be locked into place by returning the center portion of the holder bar to a closed position after extending.

Fuel Filler Emergecy Access
There is an emergency manual release for the fuel door in the front passenger door jamb (left hand drive) near the hinge.

Hood Alignment
The hoods leading edge is designed to be slightly lower than the bumper cover. This normal.

Ignition Key Removal
If the battery is discharged the ignition key (model year 2008 and later cars) can be removed by using the metal hook in the inside cover of the fuse box to remove the plastic lid on the ignition lock to the right of the key and then turning the key counter-clockwise as far as it will go. Then press the metal hook into the opening and turn the key to its initial position and remove it.

Ignition Key Replacement
Keys are available only from Porsche. They are individually cut using the information from the cars VIN. Proof of ownership is required for Porsche to provide new keys.

Lane Changer
Slightly depressing the signal lever will activate the signal lights for three blinks to indicate lane change direction. The lever will return to off afterwards.

Noise when Reversing
When the steering wheel is turned close or all the way to the steering lock the power steering pump may push against the lock and make a noise. This is normal and is more frequent in cold weather.

Oil Cap Condensation
If the engine is not allowed to reach full operating temperature before it is turned off a small amount of moisture in the engine sometimes cannot be boiled off to be released through the PCV system. This will result in a yellow and white substance in the oil filler tube. Avoiding frequent short trips will prevent this.

Oil Level
There is no dip stick. Oil measurement is done via a computer reading. The best time to check oil levels is the first thing in the morning before the car has been run when the wait time is under six seconds. Be sure to check the measurement when the car is parked on a level surface.

Passenger Air Bag Warning Light
Not in the manual but a common problem at least on ’06 models due to moving the passenger seat too far to the rear (other airbag information is contained in pages 42-48 of the 2006 US owners' manual).

Parking Lights
The left and right parking lights may be turned on individually for parking safety by moving the turn signal up or down before turning off the engine. This is normal and can be done accidentally.

Rear Fog Lamp
There is only one (on the drivers side).

Remote Control Key
After five days where the remote is not used the remote standby function will be switched off. To reactivate unlock the drivers door with the key and with the door closed press button number 1 on the remote.

A burning odor on new cars may be from the Cosmoline used to protect the car in shipping. This will dissipate over time.

Smoke from tailpipe
It is normal to observe some smoke during start up. This occurs most frequently after the cars has been unused for some time and is the result of oil that has collected at the bottom of the cylinders.

The electrical sockets are all “hot” when the ignition is switched off. Leaving electrical accessories plugged in will discharge the battery.

There is no spare. Reading the instructions that start on page 224 of the manual and locating the tire sealant and electric pump ahead of the need to use it will save you a lot of tears later. Pulling the offending object that caused the flat out of the tire and then attempting to seal it seams to be a common mistake. Don't do it. Leave the object in the tire.

You also don’t have a flashlight/torch so that means flats will occur at night unless you come prepared.

Use only plastic valve caps per the manual (page 210 of the '06 version).

Winter Tires
Because summer tires become hard and lose grip in cold weather Porsche recommends use of winter tires when temperatures are below 45 degrees (7C).

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