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Gator Bite 05-08-2011 03:26 AM
Removing the Headlight Switch 1. With the headlight switch in the full off position, press the control knob in 2. While holding pressure inward, rotate the control knob clockwise 5 degrees until it stops.
Gator Bite 05-08-2011 02:59 AM
Removing the Cargo Bar and Trim 1. Slide the Cargo Bar caps up the Cargo Bar 2. Remove the two 8mm 12 point bolts and Cargo Bar
Gator Bite 05-07-2011 05:24 PM
The rear trunk interior panels are all soft panels pressed into place like a 3D jigsaw puzzle. Removal is easy and requires few tools. There is a particular order in which the panels must be removed and installed. Removing the Rear Trunk Interior Panels: 1. Remove both Tail Light housing covers by rotating their fastening clips 90 degrees and pulling the covers out. 2. Insert your hand over the back of the trunk side panels. Grip them firmly and pull up and out. The whole...
Gator Bite 05-07-2011 12:21 PM a long time sports car guy, I've always missed having an oil pressure gauge in my Cayman. I think I just got used to seeing how temperature, oil life and engine condition can effect oil pressure. To this day, it's something I still look for. So I've finally broken down and delved into another Cayman project. I've decided to install an Oil Pressure Gauge in my Cayman S. After a lot of research, I chose the AutoMeter 4953 2 /16...
CrocZilla 05-02-2011 11:44 PM
What??? A torque converter in a Porsche you say?! Well I have one of those and all the Porsche dealer service techs I've talked to claim that the ATF fluid in the tiptronic transmission is a "lifetime" fluid and the flush interval/filter change is 108K miles or 12 years whichever comes first. Now I track my cayman and I'm a bit skeptical of the lifetime quality of this fluid since oil/lubricants break down eventually owing to heat right? Also, during my online research I found that the same...
Left Hander 02-24-2011 08:44 PM
Installing Headlight Protective Film If you take your car to the track then you may be interested in protecting your headlights from the grit, rubber marbles, and misc bits which can be thrown up by the cars in front of you. No doubt you have seen cars with blue painter's tape on the headlights. I personally went this route for a while before deciding to put clear protective film on the headlights. This saves time at the track and makes for better pictures of your car! (I also think if you...
Gator Bite 02-13-2011 01:28 PM
Removing a 987 door panel is a pretty straight forward operation that can be done with basic tools and mechanical skills. 4 The door panel is held to the door by 5 T-30 Torx screws and 9 friction clips. The screws are hidden in the following locations: To access the screws, you first need to removes a few trim panels from the door. Let's start with the mirror trim. The mirror trim is held in my two friction clips on it's bottom, and a slide connection on the tip. 4
Left Hander 12-20-2010 12:53 PM
How to Adjust the Closed Window Height (this was on my 2003 Boxster S, I would think the 987 Cayman shared the same but not sure) Overview: The door windows drop down when you lift the door handle and automatically go backup once the door closes. This is done to relieve the cabin pressure and to make it easier to open and close the door. I recently had problems with MY closed window height being too high and catching on the roof. I learned that there is a height adjustment screw...
ApexL8 10-31-2010 06:09 PM
I've been having an intermittent Check Engine light, and during my last visit to the dealer, Jim Ellis in Atlanta (no affiliation), reading the fault codes seemed to indicate one bad Oxygen Sensor, Bank 1 (right side), pre-cat. The Oxygen Sensor, also known as the O2 Sensor, or Lambda Sensor does just what you might guess, measure oxygen in the exhaust gases. Voltage created by the sensor is proportional to how much oxygen is present, and the computer (DME) uses this signal along with other...
babbo 10-25-2010 01:36 PM
Topeak Mega Morph Folding Floor Pump I use a floor pump in the garage to inflate car tires. Call me a Luddite, but I prefer the speed, mechanical directness, exercise and lack of noise a floor pump offers. For adjusting pressures at the track and as part of my emergency kit (see also my article on carrying a spare tire in this section) I always take a smaller version with me on the road. Recently I found this pump (PICTURE 1) which folds flatter and takes up less space than the...
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