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Rob VN 01-01-2012 03:43 PM
I managed to snap off two of the studs that hold the plastic under tray onto my Cayman. I dropped the three center under trays to start the repair because there was a broken stud on each side. The dealer and their technicians don't bother to repair broken studs and don't sell any replacement parts. Surfing the web led me to the ClickBond adhesive attached threaded studs used in maritime and aerospace applications for cable tiedown points. The ClickBond part number is CS125-1024-CR. The...
Bill Lehman 06-18-2010 08:06 AM
After attending your first autocross or driver’s education event, it’s likely that you’ll be thinking about improving your car’s handling. During discussions with other drivers and “interested spectators” you might be advised to get a “track” alignment or find a way to get “more negative camber”. This article will explain what the alignment parameters of toe, camber, and caster mean and how changes in their settings may affect performance. Finally, I’ll discuss the benefits of having a wheel...
Arne 04-10-2022 07:26 PM
I recently added aftermarket grill screens to the front bumper and side intakes on my 2018 Cayman. I bought the whole set from The Radiator Grill Store (frequent Panorama advertiser, look for the PCA discount code in the magazine ads). These are definitely a DIY project, but there are a couple of things I found that were not documented in the instructions. The fronts are the easy ones, and the instructions on the website (downloadable PDF) are reasonably accurate. No removal of anything...
ApexL8 03-16-2010 12:46 PM
Upper engine cover removal will probably be the first disassembly most owners will do on their beloved Caymans, and subsequently the most frequent disassembly operation. For almost every car on the road you can just pop the hood to get access to the engine, but placing the engine in the middle of the car kind of eliminates this easy method. Why? Access for maintenance or checks like Air Cleaner Cartridge Replacement or Checking the Power Steering Fluid Level. Installing a clear...
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