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desertdrew 08-19-2011 09:26 AM
Schnell Short Shifter Installation (Shown on 2006 Cayman S with 6-speed, Bose system, no Nav or PASM) Special mention – I used this very helpful and very thorough DIY installation instructions as a starting point All instructions for a short shifter kit, on web sites or from the manufacturer were for the Boxster or Caymans with a Nav system. As I proceeded with the install, there were differences in my cars actual parts and those shown...
dhudso01 05-27-2013 05:12 PM
When I changed my clutch and was putting everything back together, I found that my driver’s side shift linkage did not snap onto the ball on the trans like it should. It felt like it was barely attached. Upon inspection, I found a crack in the plastic ball socket: So I zip tied it to the trans shifter bracket through the spaces between the hard plastic frame and the soft filler plastic. It held fine for about 1,000 miles, while I comptemplated the purchase of all new shifter cables for...
Gator Bite 04-07-2015 01:22 PM
If you ever have to run a wire to the back of a Cayman, you'll need to remove the Driver Side Sill Plate. I had to do so to run a wire for my Oil Pressure Gauge and I learned that unlike most cars where that plate is held down with just plastic friction pins, the sill plate on a Cayman is rock solid. It's held in with two rather substantial bolts. If you need to remove yours, you'll want to read on. 1Removal Procedure 1). There are two plastic plugs in the side of the sill plate between...
ApexL8 04-18-2010 04:41 PM
Porsche suggests the spark plugs get replaced at the 60,000 mile service...nuf said, lets get at it. I'll just go into detail for the steps to replace one plug, they are all similar. UPDATE: In 2008 Porsche lowered the recommended interval for replacing the spark plugs to 60,000 km (~37,000 miles) or 4 years, whichever comes first, for cars in the USA. My plugs looked OK at 60,000 miles, use your best judgement. Thanks to pcormier at P-9 for his spark plug article. Thanks to...
Gator Bite 01-10-2010 01:24 PM
Article Addendum, August 14th, 2011. ATTENTION: After 25,000 miles with this product on my car I have experienced a serious problem with my original exhaust components. Please see this thread for more information. Based on these developements, I advise the addition of a stress relieving flex joint to the downpipes of this system. 3 You should see some of the looks I get when I tell people that I've changed the exhaust system on my two year old Porsche seven times since I bought it. I...
Gator Bite 05-08-2011 03:16 PM
Removing the Sport Chrono Stopwatch Housing 1. Slip a plastic protector between the rear of the stopwatch housing and the dash top. I made one out of a plastic water bottle ($0.05). This will protect the leather / plastic surface from scratches. 2. Slip a plastic wedge pry tool in between the layers of the protector and pry the back of the stop watch housing up. The housing is held down by 4 metal friction clips. Once the back two clips release, just rotate the housing and the...
Rob VN 03-04-2012 07:47 PM
This article discusses the installation of the WEVO sport engine mount into a 2007 Cayman 2.7L shown here at Tarett's website: The sport engine mount can improve the responsiveness of the car. ( Witness the 981 with computer controlled mounts ) The result of this mod has quite an impact in the cabin: You will feel alot more vibration in the seat and the steering...
The Chad 01-21-2010 06:01 PM
This is the BEST money that I have ever spent! Hands Down… Well first things first, I encountered some little problems during the install. Scott did an awesome job on the install article he posted on his web site: The article is on the 3.4 so I had to deviate and modified it to fit the 2.7. I cut the slit in the large vacuum hose by accident. Try not to do this if you can help it. There is enough room to fight the hose, to get it off...
KS-CS 08-31-2013 11:24 PM
I still love my 2006 CS with Tiptronic, but over the last couple of years, I have thought that the 987.1 style Tiptronic steering wheel with the triangular airbag, was starting to look a bit dated. I have also long wished that the car came with a traditional paddle-shift steering wheel, rather than the older style Tip buttons. I was aware that some 1st generation Tip owners had successfully swapped their old style steering wheels, for the sport wheel with paddles, however, the cost of...
Mark C. 01-30-2010 01:33 AM
Does anyone know how to remove the middle console storage box lid (armrest)? Any help or leads are much appreciated.
Flybot 01-24-2012 04:10 PM
This is a very basic DIY and I hope to contribute more as I get to know my new Cayman over the years. But chalk it up as the first wrenching done on my new car. (I love working on cars) I wanted the safest method of getting the stickers off without trashing my brand new CR’s sun visors. So, this DIY is a summation of several DIYs that I read on the topic, that works, at least, for gen 2 vinyl Porsche sun visors. I read about the sun visor sticker removal on another forum. Ever since it...
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